Service Guide: Globalization Support

Mr. Yamamoto’s consultancy career began 25 years ago, when he was involved in human resources management for local companies and personnel work involving the dispatching of staff overseas. Since then, he has built up a wealth of global consultancy experience that incorporates the management of Japanese companies’ overseas subsidiaries, the Japanese market entry of foreign companies, cross-border mergers and acquisitions (in-out / out-in), training programs for multinational human resources, and overseas study programs and seminars, allowing him to offer full support for the globalization of Japanese companies and human resources.

Strategic support for the analysis of overseas challenges and solutions
While it is easy to think of overseas expansion or globalization in simple terms, the reality is that the environment, purpose, and business direction is different for each company. We analyze the current state of globalization within the business as well as any corresponding issues. This allows us to support your strategy development, thinking about the appropriate course of action to be taken, and the necessary expertise needed, from an organizational and human resources management point of view.

Support for the design of global management organizational structures and corporate governance systems
The era where it was fine to just deliver good products or run things from your Japan headquarters is over. It has also become commonplace for foreign companies to suddenly become a member of Japanese group companies through mergers and acquisitions. We offer support related to organizational structure or communication management, in order to help solve issues such as what paths local group companies should take, or how the head-office can implement effective corporate governance, from a strategic point of view.

Support for the planning, design, and implementation of global human resources development programs
We can help with the creation and execution of human resources development programs that meet the company’s needs. For example, developing human resources to lead the business with a global vision, creating an effective management team, or developing personnel who can create a truly global business.

Support for expansion into Asia’s emerging markets
Using our unique professional network, we can offer advice and support for your overseas expansion, joint ventures, and investments. We also have a strong professional network in the growing Asian regions of Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, and so on. Please feel free to seek our advice regarding not only organizational human resources, but also regarding investment, legal matters, and any other issues.