Corporate Philosophy

“Global”, “Speed”, “Diversity and Inclusion”, “Disclosure”, “Technology”, “Sustainability”…we enter a new era and a business environment where we must think of a new relationship structure between the organization and personnel, for the continued success and growth of the business.

After the collapse of the bubble economy, Japan's economic growth came to a halt, meaning that its thus far successful business models need to be reformed. In the current business situation, it is no longer unique for a company to do business on a global scale, while technological advancements have taken productivity and efficiency to another level, and as people’s needs become ever more diverse, the role of the organization needs to change from what we’ve known, and new ways of connecting and communicating with individual employees should be explored. It is undeniable that a paradigm shift is taking place in the management environment.

Our mission is to once again help to revitalize Japan. We believe we can do this by assisting your success on a global scale, ensuring the happiness of all stakeholders, and opening doors to a new collection of HR management success stories.


An organization equipped for the global business environment, where all of the employees have a certain degree of job satisfaction, a high level of motivation, and enjoy doing their work.

An organization that can become a leader in its global business field, utilizing a diverse range of human resources that is not hindered by age, gender, nationality, culture, and beliefs.

An organization that can create new value, where Japan’s millennials willingly and actively seek new challenges, and where there is friendly competition between a diverse mix of human resources.