Services:Strategy Support for Businesses, Organizations, and HR

Support for establishing corporate philosophies and codes of conduct
Especially in this day and age, where globalization and diversity have become the key to business success, creating a code of conduct and corporate philosophy (“way” or “ism”) which everyone can understand, accept, and put into practice, is highly desirable. We can help you with all stages of the project as you create the foundations of strong organizational structure, where employees are able to think for themselves and come up with their own solutions.

Business strategy support (design and facilitation of strategy review projects)
In a world where there is a constant stream of new data and updated information, coupled with a diverse global marketplace, the desired speed of action in the current business environment is faster than anything we have known before. This requires the next generation to think about the strategies to adopt for their own era. We provide support and help facilitate the management and design of projects that require strategic planning, analyzing the future direction of the business, and deciding with high-potential personnel on the best way forward for the company.

Support for the development of organizational, human resources, and personnel management strategies to help the business achieve its strategic goals
For corporations with multiple subsidiaries, the phrase "our company’s human resources" tends to lose its meaning. Businesses operate in complex environments that are highly competitive and demand swift responses, decisions, and actions, meaning that the organizational structure, human resources, and personnel management strategies need to be in line with the overall business strategy. We help you to build a successful business by carefully considering what organizational and human resources management strategies are necessary.

Support for designing personnel systems (evaluations, rankings, compensation) in line with business strategies
We help to build personnel systems that are based on human resources management strategies that fit the overall business strategy, which in turn leads to a successful business. When designing and constructing a system to put in place, we take into account evaluation methods that match the goals of the business, ranking systems that consider the nature of the business and business cycles, and compensation structures that will help the business to achieve its goals.